Composer Claus Waidtlow
Title Double Rainbow
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "Double Rainbow" was written by Claus Waidtlow in 2014. This is a chart that has two distinct Intro conducted at 70 bpm which flows into the second up tempo section at 200 bpm. A number of key changes. Features a Tenor solo and a Piano solo. Scored for: Alto 1/Sop.; Alto 2; Tenor 1; Tenor 2; Bari; 4 Trpts.; 4 Bones; Rhythm section. The composer writes: "A beautiful and ear-catching composition in two sections. The Saxophones set the mood in the first (slow) section, followed by the full ensemble. A rubato melody played by Tenor sax and the rhythm section leeds us into the next part, which starts out with a floating groove going into a long build, based on a strong, ear-catching hook line " . Also available as a PDF.

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