Composer Robert Nunez
Title Ave Maria (1882) (Bruckner/Nunez)
Level INT
Genre Tuba
Price $15.00
Description "Ave Maria" by Bruckner (1882 version) has been arranged for 3 Trombones and Tuba by Robert Nunez. In all, Anton Bruckner produced three known settings of the "Ave Maria," each in a different medium. His last setting came in 1882 when he was, at fifty-eight, hitting his creative stride as he worked on his Seventh Symphony. There are many striking and original features in this brief but beautiful work originally a motet for alto & organ (or harmonium) It reflects the expanding harmonic world that the composer was forging his way into at the time, yet some passages are quite unlike anything else in Brucknerís output. He uses the familiar Brucknerian device of an ascending chorale-like melody, yet is harmonically different from any of his other similar passages but shifts the tonal plane to the most remote of keys, building to another crescendo. (The music emerges from the chromatic thicket to close in the tonic. A long-arching melisma on "Amen" against a final crescendo and decrescendo and a series of long-held pianissimo chords brings the piece to a serene close. This arrangement for Low brass scored by Robert Nunez, three trombones and tuba explores the dark lower sonority that Bruckner knew all too well and incorporated regularly in his seventh symphony and others. Also available as a PDF.

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