Composer Andrew Neesley
Title Saint Nicholas Avenue
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Saint Nicholas Avenue" was written in 2013 by Andy Neesley. This chart is dedicated to the Chippewa Valley (WI) Jazz Orchestra. "Saint Nicholas Avenue" is a ballad featuring the alto saxophone.

The tune begins with the lead alto singing its siren song backed by the ensemble playing mysterious harmonies. The alto gives away to the trombones on the bridge before coming back on the final portion of the melody.

The band then begins a Mambo-inspired section where the different instrument are layered upon each other, with a swingin’ feel. The band may play unaccompanied, or a soloist could blow over the changes.

The following blowing section is bookended by interludes that set up the change in feel to and from double time.

"Saint Nicholas Avenue" to those familiar with New York City is a well known uptown street. One with a good amount of character, ranging from city bustle, to quiet parks. This is my ode to the composer, Billy Strayhorn, and his song "Chelsea Bridge". Though Strayhorn mistakenly named his tune after seeing a painting of Battersea Bridge. " Also available as a PDF.

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