Composer Aaron Hedenstrom
Title Summit Ave. Stomp
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $100.00
Description "Summit Ave. Stomp" is a brand new Funk/Swing style tune from Aaron Hedenstrom. This was commissioned by Bob Baca and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Jazz Ensemble 1. Lots of Ellington-type brass muted and wa-wa sounds. A workout for the Sax section. Trpt. solo. Great writing. Also available as a PDF. The compose writes: I wrote this piece as a modernized version of the "Gatsby" era swing music. The majority of the piece is in a funk groove with swing 8th notes to make it more accessible to todayís audiences. However, the orchestration and sounds within the saxophones and brass are reminiscent of the swing era, including plunger muted brass, a bluesy saxophone soli, a hard-swinging trumpet solo, and a reference to the "Sing, Sing, Sing" groove after the trumpet solo as a buildup to the bombastic ending. This piece is entertaining and danceable, while setting the perfect mood for the 20s and 30s theme. Also available as a PDF. The title, "Summit Ave. Stomp," is a reference to the swanky mansions of Summit Ave. in Saint Paul, the classy neighborhood that F. Scott Fitzgerald grew up in, inspired by the Great Gatsby theme.

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