Composer Eddie Russ
Title Jacobinia
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Jacobinia" was written by Eddie Russ in 1978. It has been newly arranged in 2015 for Jazz ensemble by Mike Irish. This is a latin style chart with solos for Trpt., Tenor and Piano. Great music finally being re-released in Jazz ensemble format due to the efforts of Mike Irish. Eddie’s legacy lives on. Also available as a PDF.JACOBINIA (jah – co – bin – ia) is an energetic Latin chart that features an infectious montuno-type of riff. The rhythmic “feel” is that of a samba. The harmony is modal featuring tow chords to solo on. The first solo at letter E is for trumpet and goes through letter G. for the second solo (tenor sax) repeat E, F, and G. The solo at I, J, and K is for piano (or guitar as another option). Grade 4.

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