Composer Michael Irish
Title Mixed Bag (Eddie Russ Fake Books)
Level INT
Genre Jazz Combo
Price $40.00
Description "Mixed Bag" (Eddie Russ Fake Books) is a collection of 39 of Eddie’s great tunes from his CD’s. These are lead sheets and the books are available for Bb instruments, Eb, C (treble) and C (bass). Each book is $40. $100 as a special deal if you buy all 4. Eddie explored everything from mainstream, straight-ahead jazz to more contemporary fusion styles, ballads to latin, simple modal harmony to complex structures and progressions - and , of course, the blues. Available as a PDF. Over the course of his playing career, Eddie Russ wrote many jazz compositions in a wide variety of styles, hence the title Mixed Bag. A hallmark of Eddie’s tunes are that they all groove! He had a wonderful rhythmic feel and a compelling communication with his audiences through his music. There is something for everyone in this collection of Eddie’s tunes. It truly is a Mixed Bag!

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