Composer Genghis Barbie
Title Hallelujah (Horn 4)
Level INT
Genre Horn
Price $30.00
Description "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen has been arranged by Mark Drehmann for Genghis Barbie. The Genghis Barbie Horn Quartet has recorded this modern day classic on their CD and their rendition on Youtube is remarkable. Excellent arrangement of a tune that is well known in the pop music genre. Some singing is offered as an option.
"Hallelujah": Leonard Cohenís gorgeous classic has been covered by artists for generations. Add your personal flavor to the mix with this beautiful arrangement! Vocal parts are optional but encouraged. Arranged by Attila the Hornís brother Mark Drehmann, this song is featured on Genghis Barbie: "Home for the Holidays" CD. Also available as a PDF.

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