Composer John Yao
Title Hellgate
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "Hellgate" was written in 2011 by John Yao. It is a featured tune on his latest (2015) CD. This is a driving shuffle with plenty for all to do. Solos by Trumpet and Tenor. Alternate style is a funky 2-feel that returns to the shuffle. Well worth the effort... this tune will give your group the "in-the-groove" training. Also available as a PDF.

8 Brass/5 Saxes/3 Rhythm - A hard hitting medium shuffle that features tight section writing and will challenge the entire band. Following solos by Trumpet and Tenor sax, the drummer is featured with the full band roaring above. The chart closes with a colorful voicings over a pedal that eases down.

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