Composer Mark Buselli
Title 135 B Chiswick
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description This is a part of the outstanding BW Jazz Orchestra Series. "135 B Chiswick was written by Mark Buselli in 2001. This is a Flugel Horn and Bass feature. Medium Tempo Swing style chart. Tempo is not marked but is about quarter = 150. Bone 4 is actually the French Horn part. I would give it to the 2nd bone player. The 3rd player would get bone 2 and the 4th would get bone 3. Give the clarinet part to the strongest Alto double IF NO DOUBLE I HAVE INCLUDED AN OPT. 2nd ALTO PART . 135B Chiswick is named after the basement apartment I shared with three other musicians in Boston. We were going to Berklee and practicing loads of hours. I decided to feature the bass on this one because it was a “basement” apartment. Also available as a PDF.

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