Composer Mark Buselli
Title An Old Soul
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description This is a part of the outstanding BW Jazz Orchestra Series. "An Old Soul" was written by Mark Buselli in 2006. Light 8th note/Latin feel. Features Piano and Tenor sax. DYNAMICS are the key here. The score only has 4 woodwinds but I have written an easy flute part that doubles the flugels for one of the alto players. I have a Bass Clarinet part BUT have also included an all BARI part if the bass clarinet chops are not happening. Trumpet 5 is opt. It will work fine without it. "An Old Soul" was written and arranged in one day. The death of my golden retriever “Mingus” inspired me to try and capture what I was feeling. He succumbed to cancer at an early age and was truly an Old Soul. It is pretty much like the recording. This might take some time to get together as the dynamics are really important. Also available as a PDF.

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