Composer Clarisa De la Garza
Title Duo for Clarinet and Cello
Level ADV
Genre Cello
Price $15.00
Description The first movement titled "Theme and Variations" uses a main motive that is dissected into fragments. The motive begins in octaves and gradually contracts using consecutively smaller intervals until unison is achieved in the recapitulation at the end of the movement. Each variation is very short and conveys its own individual idea. >br>
The second movement, "Aggressivo," begins slowly and builds into a driving tempo that stays constant until the end of the piece. Its main motive is derived from the set (0123), introduced in the final variation in the first movement, and can be heard almost constantly. The second movement is the highlight of the work; very fast, harsh, and aggressive, heavily driven by complex rhythmic themes inspired by progressive rock and metal genres. Price includes Score and parts. Also available as a PDF.

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