Composer Mark Buselli
Title Coolness
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "Coolness" by Danny Walsh has been arranged by Mark Buselli. This a funky "Ramsey Lewis" style tune. Solos for Trpt. and Drums. "Coolness"is a very approachable chart written for an average high school jazz ensemble. It has an infectious “Ramsey Lewis” type groove. The brass ranges are very playable. It is a 20 bar blues form in Bb. There are open solos with backgrounds that can be cued. After the solos it features the drummer with the whole band stabbing rhythms behind. It then takes a featured soloist and leaves them alone with just drums for 20 bars. Takes a DS and has an “amen” ending that the conductor can shape any way they want to. Features 5 saxes, 5 trumpets, 4 bones, optional tuba, and Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar. Youtube performance available. Also available as a PDF.

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