Composer Chris Simonson
Title Celestial Variants (Perc. Ens)
Level EASY
Genre Percussion
Price $20.00
Description "Celestial Variants" was written by Chris Simonson in 2016. This is a Percussion ensemble for 28 musicians...basically for your whole band. Based on "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" this work uses the Theme and Variations form. Six short sections which explore all the common Percussion instruments. Easy to perform and listen to...everybody likes this and it gives your younger students a chance to shine The composer writes: ".A number of years ago my middle school band had an alarmingly small percussion section, thereby making it difficult to play a percussion ensemble at our district festival. With the support of the band, I created a large percussion work that incorporated all the members of the band. This became so popular, that the kids have asked to do this in ensuing years.

Celestial Variants is my latest effort in this vein. Using "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" as a melody, I have written an ensemble that features different voices in the percussion family. After a brief introduction, the melody is played in unison in the mallet instruments, followed by a canon with the membranophones. Next is the metals and the wood. The coda is a tutti restatement."

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