Composer Chris Simonson
Title Heckuva Mess (Perc. Ens.)
Level INT
Genre Percussion
Price $30.00
Description "Heckuva Mess" was written by Chris Simonson in 2016. This is a work for 28 percussionists. Chris wrote this to use most of the members of his concert band as percussionists. The Riverdale Symphonic Band directed by Simonson received a gift of percussion knowledge usually not available to a concert band. Scored for: Timp. Tri., Sus. Cymbals, Cowbell, Agogo Bells, Claves, Cuica, Vibraslap, Guiro, Maracas, Cabasa, Temple blocks, Orch. Bells, Xylo., Vibes, Chimes, Tamb.,Bongos, Timbales, Picc. S.D., S.D., Tom-toms, B.D., Marimba, Field Drum, Djembe, Cajon, Shekere. This is a work which will add color to any program. The composer writes: "This was composed for members of the high school band, after a number of the students had performed similar groups in middle school.

The work begins with a Latin/back clave grove and a call and response between the mallets and the battery. Next is a 12/8 section with more conversation in the membranophones while the grove continues beneath. This is followed by a 7/8 section that builds to a recap of the opening.

This piece was performed at the WSMA State Solo/Ensemble festival in April of 2016. "

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