Composer Chris Simonson
Title Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song (Perc. Ens.)
Level EASY
Genre Percussion
Price $20.00
Description "Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song" (Sag du noko?) was written by Chris Simonson in 2015. This is a percussion ensemble for 24 players. Written to involve his young band in rhythmic studies, this work incorporates easy rhythms with a lot of listening for balance and steady tempos. Scored for: S.D., T.D., Tom-toms, Bongos. Congas, B.D., Timp., Orch. Bells, Xylo., Vibes, Mar. 1 & 2, Tri., Sus. Cymbals, Crash Cyms.,Sleigh bells, Tamb., Brake Drum, Finger Cym. & Gong, Claves, Cabasa, Maracas, Ratchet, Temple Blocks. A nice surprise offering in a concert program. The composer writes"Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song is based on "Sag du Noko," also used by Edvard Grieg as the theme for his Symphonic Dance No. 4. The work begins with a conversation in the drums, then a straight forward presentation of the theme. Following a canon of the melody, there is a battery section in 2/2 time before the melody returns with the tutti ensemble."

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