Composer Ted Pease
Title Elegy for Cello and Strings
Level INT
Genre Cello
Price $60.00
Description "Elegy for Cello and Strings" was written in 2013 by Ted Pease. This work features a Solo Cello. Not difficult. Ballad tempo. Opens with a string quartet and adds the solo part in bar 19. Then a string quintet and solo cello in bar 22 until the full orchestra joins in bar 37. Interesting chords and some divisi in Vln. 1 part. Solo Cello needs to have some facility. Well written. The composers writes: "Elegy for Cello and Strings features solo cello in a jazz ballad context accompanied by a lush string background. The cello part does not require improvisation, but the solo retains a strong jazz flavor. The first eighteen measures of the piece (prior to the entrance of solo cello) may be used to feature a string quartet drawn from the full ensemble. Your group will enjoy the challenge of playing rich jazz voicings containing numerous harmonic tensions. "

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