Composer Nicolas Ocampo
Title Billy
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description BILLY was arranged in 2016 by Nicolas Ocampo for Jazz Ensemble. This was premiered by the "Cordoba Jazz Orchestra" (Argentina). Theme is originally dedicated to jazz drummer Billy Hart. An arrangement that offers a lot of rhythmic richness. The groove moves on t​y​​pical afro polyrhythms (ex. 3/4 against 6/8) and many "rhythms feels" changes. The melody moves continuously from Saxophones to Brass using as main idea the "melodic subdivision". Solos for: Guitar, Alto Sax & Drums/Congas. It is scored for: 2 Alto Sax; 2 Tenor Sax; Bari. Sax; 4 Trumpets; 4 Trombones; Vibes; Guitar; Piano; Bass; Drums and optional Percussion: Congas. Also available as a PDF.

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