Composer Dave Anderson
Title Bordogni Vocalises (Treble Clef for Horn or Trumpet)
Genre Horn
Price $25.00
Description "Bordogni Vocalises" Vol. 1 , Nos. 1-30 have been edited by Edwin Anderson in four ranges: This version is Treble Clef for Horn or Trumpet. These vocal studies work very well for Brass instruments as excellent chop builders. 50 pages. Also available as a PDF.These vocalises were selected from the archives of the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, and have been edited especially for the bass trombone by Edwin Anderson, bass trombonist with The Cleveland Orchestra from 1964-1985, Professor of Trombone at Indiana University School of Music from 1985-1998, and David Andersonís father. Ed Anderson studied with Emory Remington at the Eastman School of Music, who developed a singing style of trombone playing that emphasized the close relationship of the trombone to the human voice, often through the use of vocal music by Bordogni, Concone, Marchesi and others. These Bordogni etudes have benefits of technical facility, breath control, and musicianship, and are useful for tuba, euphonium, and horn as well. More frequent breaths will be necessary in the lower versions. The etudes are divided into four ranges: Treble Clef Version - for horn or trumpet Medium Tessitura - mostly in the bass staff, suitable for bass trombone, euphonium, or tenor trombone with an F attachment. Low Tessitura - extending well below the bass staff. Very Low Tessitura - for bass trombone or tuba only. Co-editor for the treble clef version, David Brockett, is Acting Second Horn with the Cleveland Orchestra and Horn Professor at Baldwin-Wallace College and Cleveland State University. He suggests horn and trumpet players use the treble clef version to practice transpositions of progressive difficulty, with low horns transposing down an octave. Horn players may also find the Medium and Low Tessitura bass clef versions further address the much-neglected range of the orchestral 2nd and 4th horn.

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