Composer Troy Thompson
Title Hard Pore Corn
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "Hard Pore Corn" was written in 2000 by Troy Thompson. Fun music with a fun title...a paraphrase of a spoonerism by Archie Bunker. Commissioned by Dr. Robert Washut at the University of Northern Iowa for the 50th anniversary of the Tallcorn Jazz Festival. "Hard Pore Corn" is an up-tempo minor blues with solos for bari sax (guitar on the recording), trumpet and tenor sax. It has a slower section that features doubles for the sax section (2 flutes, 2 clarinets and bass clarinet) and solos for 3 trombones followed by a 4 trombone soli section. A difficult chart with some rhythmically challenging sections, HPC has been described by the editors of American Roadkill Chef Monthly as ".....meaty."

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