Composer Bill Simenson
Title Steamboatin
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "Steamboatin’ " was written by Bill Simenson in 1995. Standout chart with Ellington touches. Bass vamp with brushes on Drums. Fun Wah-wah brass and Ellington-ish sax section work. Nice Unison Band lines. Open solos for Sop. Sax and Trumpet. Interesting Brass pops behind solos. Surprise ending. The composer writes: "Steamboatin’ (from “Big Alpaca” by the Bill Simenson Orchestra) Originally written in 1995 for a smaller ensemble, “Steamboatin’” was rescored for full big band in 1998. It was first sketched out while the composers was cruising down the Mississippi River on a paddlewheeler performing with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, and features solos for soprano sax and trumpet.
 Instrumentation: Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax 1&2, Baritone Sax, Trumpet 1-4, Trombone 1-4, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums." Also available as a PDF.

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