Composer Douglas Hill
Title Road Trip for 2 (Horn Duet)
Level INT
Genre Horn
Price $20.00
Description "Road Trip for 2" is a collection of five Horn duets just written by Douglas Hill in 2017. Includes: Keep On Keepiní On; Round About; Stop and Go; Changing Lanes; Doodah. The composer writes" Throughout these five compact, fun-loving, cartoon-like duets for horns, both players share equally the numerous twists and turns, as well as harmonic, melodic, metric, and rhythmic stops and starts. "Keep On Keepiní On" begins as a lightly swung melody in 5/4 which coasts smoothly into and out of a gentle jazz waltz. In "Doodah",we finally arrive at our destination, a square dance tune at the hoe down. Along the way, in "Round About" , we travel through a maze of chromaticism which feels like driving in circles. In "Stop and Go" , we are jostled back and forth, amidst wholetone scales, between machine-like progress and periodic sudden "stoppingí (wordplay intended). "Changing Lanes" returns to a maze of melodic chromaticisms, this time shifting meters as we move on down the road. ENJOY !" These are Car-tunes for two Horns.... Also available as a PDF.

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