Composer Arni Egilsson
Title Borealis
Level INT
Genre Piano
Price $8.00
Description "Borealis" For Solo Piano "With Arni Egilssonís Borealis weíre with a composer who means serious business. Despite its short duration, Borealis is a big piece. After a demonstrative opening, a calmer, more sustained section gives respite but the opening returns, as does its foil. Loud or quiet, this is disturbing music, uneasy but hypnotic." Bob Briggs, Music Web Intíl "Borealis conveys an impressive sound-portrait of the Icelandlic winter night and supernatural shifting colours of the aurora borealis.The music that emerges has a dangerous edge and a sense of awe and latent catastrophe." Rob Barnett, Music Web Intíl Recorded by Susanne Kessel on her CD "Iceland" OEHMS Classic OC813, available at Also available as a PDF.

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