Composer John C. Griffin
Title Bone and Stone
Genre Cello
Price $15.00
Description "Bone and Stone" is a work for Cello and Percussion duo by John Griffin. Written in 2009 it exploits unique sounds from both players. This takes fairly advanced performers. The composer writes"Bone and Stone, for violoncello and percussion, was commissioned by the Opus 21 ensemble and is inspired by Georgia OíKeefeís painting Deerís Skull with Pedernal. In that work, an animalís skull is juxtaposed against the backdrop of the natural world, including a distant mountain. At the beginning of the piece, the disparity inherent between the vibrancy of nature and the ominous deathís head is represented by flowing melodic cello lines that contrast with brittle non-pitched percussive sounds. As the composition progresses, the percussionist takes on a more melodic role, while the cellist executes a series of percussive extended techniques. Toward the end, both instruments produce non-pitched sounds, representing the transitory nature of existence and the fact that ultimately all life must return to dust". Also available as a PDF.

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