Composer Dennis Lester
Title Blues Warm Up
Level EASY
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $55.00
Description "Blues Warm Up" for Young Jazz Bands was written in 2018 by Dennis Lester. This band warm up will exercise scales and arpeggios based on the three chords in the Blues. Each exercise is twelve measures long. The first four bars is the One Chord. The next four bars is the Four Chord and the final four bars is the Five Chord. The rhythm section chugs along as the metronome in either Swing or Rock style. There are four exercises. The first one is the major scale to the 9th scale degree, called "Scale+9". The second exercise is the "Be-Bop" scale, with the flat 7 in the major scale. The third exercise teaches the Blues scaJe on theOne Chord. For the Four chord and Five chord l tried to just use notes from the scale on the One chord that are nearthe roots ofthe Four and Five chords. The fourth and final exercise is the basic 12 Bar Blues we all know and LOVE! By the time you work your way to the Blues form, select single-students to solo over the rhythm section. Maybe try groups of three horns all soloing together like a Dixieland Band. l didnít forget about soloists in the rhythm section. There is a "Lead Guitar" part and a "Vibes/ Piano" part, so they can learn to solo as well. Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones once said, "lf you donít know the Blues there is no point in trying to play any form of popular music". Also available as a PDF.

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