Composer Eric Songer
Title Infusion Confusion
Level INT
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description "Infusion Confusion" was written by Eric Songer in 2017. This jazz ensemble chart was designed for younger groups with some experience. Cleverly written to use repeated patterns. Features Alto Sax. Tune dedicated to Mrs. Ford, a colleague of Eric. Chemo therapy for this beloved teacher. "Infusion Confusion" This very catchy contemporary jazz big band composition was written by Minneapolis composer/educator Eric Songer who wrote it for a beloved music colleague who was battling cancer. Even though she was having infusion treatments, she would come in the same day to co-direct their student jazz band. She would often joke that the treatments would give her short term memory loss; hence the title of this song which switches a few times from a light driving rock feel to a straight ahead swing. The song features a very hummable melody played by solo alto saxophone and joined by the other saxes and sections later in the song. A very fun solo section climaxes in a powerful shout chorus which symbolizes mind over matter in the battle of illness. The song ends with a positive uplifting return of the theme by the solo alto saxophone. Also available as a PDF.

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