Composer Michael Klinghoffer
Title Mendelssohn - "Sonata in Bb, Op.45"
Level ADV
Genre Bass
Price $20.00
Description Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s "Sonata in Bb, Op. 45" was the first of two sonatas Mendelssohn composed for the Cello. This Sonata is more classical in form and spirit, much in the style of Beethoven. It is full of beautiful melodies, rich harmonies, light textures and has a clear structure. This Sonata, though not easy, works well on the Double Bass. It is recommended for advanced college students or graduate students and would be a great addition to a professional recital. This work can be found on the Klinghoffer CD (Mostly Transcriptions, Vol. 2) which is available from RGM. This work is also available as a PDF.

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