Composer Ray Ames
Title Wildcat Rock
Level EASY
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $50.00
Description Wildcat Rock is a twelve bar blues set to a rock beat. It was written for second year players in a beginning jazz ensemble. It works as well for small groups as full jazz ensembles. Rhythm section parts are very easy. Parts are doubled throughout the ensemble. It is in the key of Bb concert and laid out in dorian minor. There are very few accidentals and ranges are moderate. (Trumpet fourth line D, trombone middle C, saxophone B) Articulations are well marked and logical. Rhythms are predominantly quarter and eighth with no off-beat entrances. The rock rhythms and catchy melodies are very enjoyable for beginning players Wildcat Rock includes both chord changes and sample solos. The sample solos are in 4 measure segments. This gives the director the option of having many students do a 4 measure solo. Have the soloists form three lines determined by which third of the 12 bar chorus they are using. The sample solos can be mixed and matched into many possible combinations. Many combinations become infinite when some students improvise. Also available as a PDF.

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